The EdTech Summit is a great platform to meet with stakeholders across sectors who are working on exciting innovations and pushing the boundaries of technology in education.

Ankana Sheth

Chief of Staff, Teach for All - India

This probably is Asia’s best gathering of education minds. I really enjoyed the content as well as the high quality intimate interactions I was able to have with education companies from across Asia.

Aditi Avasthi

Founder, Embibe - India

The summit was well organized and located in a country and setting that is at real cross roads. The number of regional & international attending was encouraging and the vibe and energy was there. I will definitely attend next year and would openly recommend this platform for other ed-tech companies seeking to learn what’s going on and desiring to connect.

Ian Sorek

GM APAC, Time to Know - Israel

I benefitted from attending this event as not only did I meet and made new friends amongst peers within the industry, I also had the opportunity to meet with EdTech focused investors and made new alliances across the region. I actively promoted the event before coming and will continue to recommend other EdTech companies to attend the next one.

Edwin Tay

Founder, EasyUni - Malaysia

I truly enjoyed the EdTech Asia Summit 2017. It has provided me with excellent networking opportunity as well as personal growth and development.

Phuong Nguyen

Country Director, Arizona State University - Vietnam

My brain has been sparking throughout the two days for the ideas I received from speakers and conversations with the participants. One of the best events I’ve attended in a long time.

Mario Ferro

Co-founder, Weduglobal - Thailand

For our Finnish company Edtech Asia Summit was a great event to participate in as it helped us to build an understanding of the Asian edtech field and meet with the main stakeholders.

Olli Vallo

Founder, Kokoa - Finland

The Edtech Asia Summit is a wonderfully curated community from diverse organisations working in the sector which has enabled many people to form lasting partnerships and friends

Zoe Ng

Founder, RainTree - Cambodia

The EdTech Asia Summit brought together experts and practitioners across verticals. It was thoughtfully organized and executed with finesse, which made it incredibly useful and enjoyable.

Michelle Katics

Founder, Portfolio Quest - Singapore

Great organization and venue. Inspiring topics and friendly ambitious people. I loved being there.

Frank Dirks

Chief IT Advisor, MEDG - Myanmar

EdTech Asia Summit is a well organized event that brings together all the collaborators who are working hard to make an impact in this space. I get inspirations and ideas from meeting new people and seeing old faces. Good job to the team who organizes it!

Kevon Cheung

Co-Founder, First Code Academy - Hong Kong

For early stage companies such as ours it’s great to learn where we are in the ecosystem and where we can be. You could watch hundreds of videos and take different classes but when engaging with those who have experienced success and are funded it’s a rewarding experience.

Troy Takarn

Co-Founder, Globish - Thailand

I have been to about 10 EdTech events in the past year and I felt the quality of startups was much better. It felt like a group of people that had done and achieved impact on learners already. Very interesting group. Some other conferences have a lot more less proven startups that have not yet impacted learners. This conference was very different in this regard. Very well curated.

Brian O'Dwyer

Founder, Cognalearn- Singapore

A well run event with a great range of people, educators and vendors involved within the ed-tech community across the wider Asian region. A great addition to the calendar and we look forward to returning next year.

Dr. Charlie Tomlinson

Founder, EdPotential - New Zealand

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