EdTech Asia

Asia's edtech ecosystem catalyst

Facilitating Ecosystem Collaboration and Cohesion 

The EdTech Asia community network facilitates a collaborative and cohesive edtech ecosystem throughout Asia via the production of knowledge assets and convening of key stakeholders who are influencing the future of learning and work. As an organization our aim is to provide a neutral platform that both empowers and builds capacity for education entrepreneurs, investors, executives, policy makers, and changemakers as they manage strategic business growth and sustainable impact within Asia and beyond. 


Unlocking opportunities

EdTech Asia provides a well curated, high quality, and engaging atmosphere that unlocks opportunities for the growth of business, ideas, and positive change. Attendees gain an understanding of market entry strategies and opportunities for collaboration with potential partners throughout the region. 

Where are events held?

EdTech Asia events are held througout East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific region. Home to nearly 2/3 of the global population Asian cities serve as global hubs for innovation, talent, and support, Several Asian cities provide the ideal location for thought leaders to convene in the learning and talent innovation space.

Capacity Building for a Variety of Stakeholders 

Since 2013 the EdTech Asia community network has organized and contributed to over 70 capacity building events impacting national and local learning innovation ecosystems throughout Asia. Smaller community level events are often organized through local partners, ambassadors, and supporters often on an in-kind basis. Contributions to support community level efforts are welcomed with donations accepted via PayPal.

Donations can be made at the following PayPal link.

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