EdTech Asia Awards

Acknowleding excellence in organizational and personal achievement

Introduction to the Awards

EdTech Asia Awards recognize and promote edtech companies, organizations and individuals  from Asia that have demonstrated innovative approach and sustainable impact on education. We honour your contribution to disrupt the learning scene and address pressing 21st educational challenges. Featuring the most innovative, impactful and promising edtech enterprises, EdTech Asia Awards confer winners with visibility and awareness to further accelerate their impacts and transform education. Inaugurated in 2016, EdTech Asia Awards seek to build a tight-knit network of innovators for expertise, entrepreneurship and support in the Asia edtech ecosystem.

Innovation Award

The company provides an original and creative approach an educational problem. In its innovative use of educational tools, design and methodology, the company distinguishes itself from its peers in similar fields

Corporate Commitment Award

Awarded to an influencial corporate organization who has demonstrated positive contribution to the education sector at scale. National and regional initiatives supported by corporations that have succeeded in achieving improved education outcomes will be emphasized for selection.

Individual Excellence Award

Acknowledging an individual from the Asia continent who has excelled in their contribution to education with some use or integration of innovative practice or technology

Impact Award

The company demonstrates positive and significant outcomes for its beneficiaries, users, and society. The company ensures delivery of quality learning while constantly monitoring and evaluating its impact.

Most Promising Startup Award

Awarded to early stage edtech startups with annual revenue less than 1 million USD with an office in an Asian country. The company’s financial and organizational structures prove the sustainability and potential scaling outside of its original context. The company also has concrete projections of how to attain future objectives.

Community Program Award

Awarded to one of the winners of either a regional education themed Startup Weekend event or EdTech Asia Hackathon. Winning teams that are selected are granted free admission to EdTech Asia Summit.

Selection of the EdTech Asia Awards

Every year, three edtech companies and one individual from the Asia region will be selected based on the criteria of innovation, impact, scalability and contribution to the edtech ecosystem The final selection will be determined by a global jury panel to establish the award as an endorsement of excellence in edtech field.  Any edtech companies who are tackling education problems through technological means are invited or can be nominated to submit the application which demonstrates the quality and impact of their edtech solution in accordance with the criteria. The finalists will be invited to the EdTech Asia Summit to discuss and represent their work at a dedicated session. The winners will be announced at the Summit.

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