Fringe Events

Ecosystem tours, workshops, and master classes


1. Growth Hacking Bootcamp

(2 full days)

The two-day bootcamp will provide a hands-on and engaging opportunity for early stage edtech and HR tech companies to develop and optimize their own sustainable “Growth Engine”. With a research and data driven approach to accelerating company growth the bootcamp will address several of the specific challenges that startup founders face through customized and tailored training content. After these 2 hands-on training days participants will be aware of the required skills necessary to achieve sustainable long-term growth for their venture.

You will learn:

  • how edtech startups differ from most other tech ventures and what effect these differences have on growth patterns and strategies
  • the 5 stages of the lean marketing funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue)
  • metrics and KPI setting to ensure you track your “health” metrics and avoid vanity metrics
  • what tools and techniques to apply at each stage
  • how to apply an experimentation based process to optimize each stage of the funnel

2. Shenzhen Edtech Ecosystem Tour

July 25 (1 day)

Tour limited to 28 participants and will require Chinese visa for entry to Shenzhen

Itinerary t.b.a.


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